3 Important Social Media Trends of 2023 – What Our Polls Reveal!

Social media is a constantly evolving landscape, with new trends and behaviors emerging at a rapid pace. While short-form video content and the shift towards entertainment over connection are major trends, there are other subtle changes that marketers should be aware of. We recently conducted polls across various platforms to gauge user sentiment and preferences. Here’s what we found.

Disclaimer: Polls on social apps are not always indicative of broader trends, especially when conducted on the platform being discussed. However, they can still offer valuable insights.

1. LinkedIn: The Professional Network is Booming

Last week, we ran a poll on LinkedIn, and the results were clear: people are using LinkedIn more frequently than before. While this could be biased due to the platform, LinkedIn’s own data supports this trend, showing a 41% YoY increase in original content sharing.

Key Takeaway: LinkedIn is not just a job-hunting platform anymore; it’s becoming a hub for professional content and networking. Marketers should consider this when planning their B2B strategies.

2. The Platform Formerly Known as Twitter: A Name Change Dilemma

Our poll on the platform now known as “X” revealed mixed feelings. While the experience for most users has either improved or remained the same, the name change has not been well-received. Advertisers are also cautious, aligning with Elon Musk’s statement that U.S. ad spending on X is down by 60%.

Key Takeaway: Brand identity matters. The rebranding of Twitter to “X” shows that changes in name and focus can have a significant impact on user and advertiser sentiment.

3. Instagram: The Jack-of-All-Trades

Our LinkedIn poll showed that Instagram remains hugely popular, despite its tendency to replicate features from other apps. This suggests that Instagram’s strategy to keep users within its ecosystem is working.

Key Takeaway: While some may criticize Instagram for replicating features, the strategy seems to be effective in retaining users. Marketers targeting an older demographic (25+) might find Instagram to be a more suitable platform than TikTok.

Conclusion: What Does This Mean for Marketers?

These polls offer a snapshot of current social media trends, which can be invaluable for marketers planning their end-of-year strategies. While these are not seismic shifts, they do highlight the importance of staying agile and adapting to the ever-changing social media landscape.

Remember, the platform that’s popular today might not be tomorrow, so keep your strategies flexible and always be ready to pivot.

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